No. 4 Initial Training School RAAF

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Mount Breckan, Victor Harbor - State Library of SA B15735

Brief History

Originally the family home of Alexander Hay and his family, the building comprised 22 rooms, including 7 bedrooms and a great hall. Destroyed by fire in 1909, it was rebuilt by W F Connell as an exclusive guest house (the Mount Bracken Club). In its rebuilt form, it comprised 38 rooms and a golf course. It was purchased by the Commonwealth in 1940.

The unit was established in early November 1940, training newly recruited RAAF and WAAAF personnel until its closure on 5 December 1944. More than 5,500 personnel underwent their training at this location. The first 34 aircrew trainees were posted in to the unit on II Nov 1949, and this course graduated on 3 Jan 1941. ln January 1942, anti-aircraft and ground defence practice was instigated, and was continued through to March 1942.

In May 1942 the first Women's Australian Auxiliary Air Force (WAAAF) recruit training course commenced. By the time training of WAAAF recruits had ceased, 2,604 recruits had graduated. The establishment strength of the School on disbandment was 48 officers, (includ1ng four WAAAF) and 225 other ranks (including 110 WAAAF), with 400 trainee aircrew and 250 WAAAF recru1ts per month.



Content has come from Units of the Royal Australian Air Force - A Concise History - Volume 8 Training Units Australian Government Publishing Service 1995

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