No. 8 Central Recovery Depot RAAF

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Brief History

No. 8 Central Recovery Depot was established at Darwin on I June 1944,with a detachment forming at No. 14 Aircraft Repair Depot, Gorrie, to handle salvage taken over from that unit, The officers and sergeants were accommodated at a house named 'The Savoy'. The airmen were housed in 'Gorrie House', and in a comet hut. On 3 June 1944, the administrative office and hangar at the Darwin Civil Airstrip were converted to offices. The unit established an equipment store in a comet hut erected for the purpose, and two 80-foot by 18-foot bush structures were erected as the airmen's mess and armament and electrical sections.

Twelve Supermarine Spitfire, two CAC Boomerang, three Fairey Battle, two Bristol Beaufighter, one Walrus and a Beaufort aircraft arrived during June for disposal or conversion to components. On 8 Jun 1944, orders were received to move the Depot to the site vacated by 11 Works Supply Unit. The move commenced on 11 August 1944. The unit erected facilities at the new site, and continued with salvage operations. which included the recovery of a Consolidated B-24 Liberator from Truscott, a De Havilland Mosquito from Coomal!e Creek, and a Consolidated PBY Catalina. The unit's role no longer required, it was disbanded on 4 Dec 1945.

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Source of information - Units of the Royal Australian Airforce - A Concise History - Vol 8 Training Units - Australian Government Publishing Service - 1995

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