SS Indara

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Name SS Indara
Builder/Built 1912 William Denny & Bros, Dumbarton
Type passenger / cargo steamship (twin screw)
Displacement 9,735 tons
Speed 16 5 knots


Owned by the Australasian United Steam Navigation Co, Fremantle. Requisitioned in Oct 1917 and converted to a troopship in Sydney. Carried troops to the Middle East and was a part of a convoy of liners carrying troops from Alexandria to Marseilles.

After the Armistice she was used to repatriate British soldiers from India, and Australian troops from the UK to Australia.

Returned to the control of its owners on 24 Sep 1918. Sold in 1920 to Lloyd Royal Belge, London and renamed Pays De Waes. Repossessed during 1923 by the Australasian Steam Navigation Company and sold to Osaka Shosen Kaisha of Japan and renamed Horai Maru.

Bombed and sunk 1 Mar 1942 on the last day of the battle of Sunda Strait while acting as a Japanese troopship.

List of soldiers carried

Fremantle to Melbourne 21 - 28 November 1914

Fremantle to Port Adelaide 25 - 30 Sep 1915

Fremantle to Sydney 18 - 26 Dec 1915

England to Fremantle 12 July - 6 September 1919