SS Kildonan Castle

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Name SS Kildonan Castle
Builder/Built 1899 Fairfield S.B. and E. Co, Glasgow
Displacement 9,692 tons


Owned by the Union Castle Line. Before her fit out was complete she was rushed into service to carry British troops to the Boer War.

When finished she could carry 250 first class, 200 second class and 136 third class passengers.

Commissioned as a Hospital Ship on 6 Oct 1915 with 603 beds before being converted for use as an armed merchant cruiser.

In Decemer 1918 she commenced repatriation duties, and notably in 1919 when the Allies had entered northern Russia in support of the White Russians, she was the last ship to leave after the Bolsheviks success.

Re-entering peace time service she resumed the mail run before being laid up in 1926 and eventually scrapped in 1931.

Soldiers carried

England to Fremantle 21 March - 27 April 1919