SS Lutzow

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SS Lutzow Huntsend.jpg
Name SS Lutzow
Builder/Built 1907 AG Weser, Bremen, Germany
Type passenger / cargo ship
Displacement 8,818 tons
Speed 15 knots


Used on the Bremen to Suez to Far East routes by its original owners.

Captured in August 1914 in the Suez Canal, and renamed "Huntsend", it was used under this name until it was bought back by its original owners in 1923. On 3 January 1917 near Crete, the Huntsend was damaged by a torpedo fired by the German U-boat UB-47. On 4 January at 11:15 am, HMS Pelorus reported receiving 5 military officers and 6 mercantile ratings who were survivors from the Huntsend, which had been towed to port. BY April 1917 the damaged Huntsend was in a dry dock in Tyne and Wear, England.

Sold back to Norddeutscher Lloyd in 1923 who held her until they on sold her to Bremer Vulkan on 24 Dec 1932. Scrapped in 1933.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to Gallipoli 16 -21 May 1915

Lemnos to Malta 2- 6 September 1915

Alexandria to Marseilles 20 - 30 Jun 1916