SS William H Ashley

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SS William H Ashley
Liberty Ship.jpg
Typical C2 design Liberty ship
Name USAT William H Ashley
Builder Oregon Shipbuilding Company
Launched 6 Oct 1943
Completed October 1943
In service Nov 1943
Out of service 1972
Reclassified US Navy ship from 1956
Fate Scraped 1972 in Philadelphia
General characteristics
Type Liberty Ship
Tonnage 14,474 tons
Length 441'6" (134.57m)
Beam 56'10.75" (17.3m)
Depth 27'9.25" (8.5m)
Propulsion 2 oil fired boilers, single screw
Speed 11,5 knots
Capacity 10,685 tons


One of 2,700 ships built to replace shipping being sunk in the North Atlantic U Boat war. Appears to have been involved with convoys in the North Atlantic before be redeployed to the Pacific theatre where she carried stores and troops during the island hoping invasions.

Post WW2 she was handed over to the US Navy in 1956 and in 1972 she was sent to be scrapped in Philadelphia.

Soldiers carried

Tarakan to Morotai 5 - 12 July 1945