SS Zealandic

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Name SS Zealandic
Builder/Built 1911 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Type passenger liner / cargo ship
Displacement 8,090 tons


Built for the White Star Line to be used on the Liverpool to New Zealand route. She also was chartered to carry immigrants to Australia.

On 2 July 1915 she had a close encounter with German submarine U-39 which pursued her; the ship's speed enabling her to escape. She remained in White Star Line service on the route until 1917 when, due to the First World War, she was commandeered by the Royal Navy for the transportation of troops. On 15 June 1919, she was released from military service and returned to the White Star Line.

Sold to the Aberdeen Line in 1926 who named her Mamilius, and back to the Shaw Savill & Albion Line in 1932 to be renamed again, this time to Mamari.

Sold in 1939 to the British Admiralty for military service, she was refitted to look like the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes. Attacked by German aircraft off the English coast near Cromer, Norfolk, she struck a submerged wreck and went aground on 8 April 1941. Before she could be rescued she was attacked and destroyed by German E-boats. The ruse had obviously worked.

Soldiers carried

England to Fremantle 27 March - 5 May 1920