HMAT A14 Euripides

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Name HMAT A14 Euripides
Builder/Built 1914 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Type Passenger / cargo steamship (triple screw)
Displacement 14,947 tons
Speed 13 knots


Built for G Thompson & Co Ltd, Glasgow, she was on her maiden voyage to Brisbane when war broke out. Requisitioned two days after her arrival by the Commonwealth, whose control ended 2 Jun 1917, with management of the Euripides being taken over by the British Admiralty.

A member of the first convoy from Albany, she completed seven voyages from Australia with troops. In 1919 she was used to repatriate Australian troops and during the period 1914 - 1919 she carried 38,439 troops to or from the war.

Post war she was overhauled and resumed the Aberdeen Line's London - Australia route, before changing hands several times between wars. In 1932 she was renamed Akaroa.

During WW2 she was again used as a troopship before another transformation in 1945 back to civilian use before being sent to shipbreakers in Antwerp in May 1954.


Soldiers carried

Sydney to Alexandra 20 October - 3 December 1914

Plymouth to Fremantle 24 June - 3 August 1916

Port Suez to Melbourne 22 January - 21 February 1917

Plymouth to Australia 22 July 1917 - 11 September 1917

Sydney to New York 1 May - 14 June 1918

Portland to Fremantle 3 March - 10 April 1919