SS Georgetown Victory

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SS Georgetown Victory
SS Georgetown Victory.jpg
SS Georgetown Victory aground off Killard Point, County Down, Ireland
SS Georgetown Victory 1.jpg
Typical Victory ship
Name USAT Georgetown Victory
Owner United States Maritime Commission
Builder Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard Corp. Baltimore, Maryland
Launched 28 Apr 1945
Completed 22 May 1945
In service May 1945
Out of service 30 Apr 1946
Fate Wecked and sank 30 Apr 1946 off Ireland
General characteristics
Type VC2-S-AP3 Victory ship
Tonnage 7,612 tons
Length 455' (139m)
Beam 62' (19m)
Depth 28' (8.5m)
Propulsion single screw
Speed 16.5 knots
Capacity up to 1,500


One of the 75 cargo ships converted to carry troops, she was operated by the American Export Lines. She was the 53rd in her class built at the Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyard at Baltimore. Entering service near the end of the war, the Georgetown Victory and others like her, were given the happy task of transporting the troops for demobilization. In Dec 1945 she returned 1,400 Australian servicemen from Morotai to Brisbane, before travelling to Labuan in north Borneo to deliver troops to Rabaul in New Britain, and Brisbane.

Her last voyage saw her board 1,400 British service men in Sydney for Glasgow, but on 30 Apr 1946 just before midnight she ran ashore at almost top speed at Killard Point in Northern Island. All aboard were rescued, but the ship broke apart. These sections were finally salvaged in 1951 and consigned to the ship-breakers at Troon.

Soldiers carried

Morotai to Brisbane 28 December 1945 to 4 January 1946

Rabaul to Brisbane 28 January - 4 February 1946

Morotai to Rabual 3 - 9 March 1946

Rabaul to Sydney 9 - 14 March 1946