Arthur Donald Free

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Arthur Donald Free
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1942 enlistment
Free Arthur Donald 1.jpg
1947 enlistment for service in Japan
Personal Information
Date of Birth 28 Sep 1923
Place of Birth Subiaco, Western Australia
Death 27 Dec 2003, aged 80
Place of Death Shoalwater, Western Australia
Age at Enlistment 18 years, 6 months
Description 5'4" (1.63m) tall ; ; fair complexion ; hazel eyes ; fair hair
Occupation Labourer
Religion Church of England
Address State Brickworks, Byford,. Western Australia
Next of Kin Father , Mr. Alfred Free
Military Information
Reg Number W61988 & WX32731
Date of Enlistment 3 Apr 1942
Rank Private

[[2/48th AUstralian Infnatry Battalion &

Military Movement
1st Departure from Australia
Journey Dates 28 Mar 1970 ‒ 7 Apr 1945
Transport Details SS Van Heutsz Cairns to Morotai
Journey Dates 23 Apr 1945 ‒ 26 Apr 1945
Transport Details HMAS Manoora Morotai to Tarakan
Return to Australia
Journey Dates 10 Dec 1945 ‒ 13 Dec 1945
Transport Details HMAS Kanimbla Tarakan to Morotai
Journey Dates 3 Mar 1946 ‒ 9 Mar 1946
Transport Details SS Georgetown Victory Morotai to Rabual
Journey Dates 3 May 1946 ‒ 3 May 1946
Transport Details plane Rabual to Australia
2nd Departure from Australia
Journey Dates 18 Feb 1948 ‒ 3 Mar 1948
Transport Details HMAS Kanimbla Sydney to Kure, Japan
Post War Details
Fate Returned to Australia
Monument(s) Byford WW2 Honour Roll

Pre War

War Service

Arthur enlisted in the AMF (Militia) on 3 Apr 1942 in Armadale, and was posted to the 25th Australian Division, Cavalry Training Squadron reinforcements. He was called up for full time service on 13 Jul 1942, and on 22 July he was transferred to the 13th Australian Infantry Training Battalion at Northam Camp. He enlisted in the 2nd AIF on 14 Sep 1942. On 25 Mar 1943 he was charged with being AWOL from 10:00am 15 March until 10:00am 18 Mar 1943 and given some exceptional circumstances was only Admonished, with the automatic forfeiture of three days pay. On 27 Apr 1943 he was again charged with being AWOL, this time from midnight 24 April until 9:00am on 27 Apr 1943. Fined £3, forfeiture of a further three days pay and three days Confined to Barracks.

On 29 Jul 1943 Arthur was transferred to the 44th Australian Infantry Battalion (West Australian Rifle Regiment). He was again AWOL, this time from midnight 20 Oct 1943 until 10:00pm on 30 Oct 1943. Fined £5, and sentenced to 28 days in detention, with an automatic forfeiture of 10 days pay. He returned to the battalion on 26 Nov 1943 and on 11 Feb 1944 the battalion entrained for Queensland. On 5 Jul 1944 he was transferred to the 2/48th Australian Infantry Battalion. On 28 Mar 1945 he embarked in Cairns on the SS Van Heutsz for Morotai which was being used as a staging base for the liberation of Borneo. During the voyage he was charged with having neglected to obey the ship's Standing Orders - fined £1. Arthur disembarked at Morotai on 7 Apr 1945.

On 23 Apr 1945 Arthur and his unit boarded HMAS Manoora in Morotai for Tarakan, an island of the north west coast of Borneo. With hostilities at an end, on 25 Oct 1945 Arthur was transferred to the 2/3rd Australian Pioneer Battalion until 10 Dec 1945 when he was embarked on HMAS Kanimbla at Tarakan for Morotai, disembarking there on 13 Dec 1945. On 3 Mar 1946 at Morotai Arthur embarked on the SS Georgetown Victory for Rabual on New Britain where on 3 May 1946 he emplaned for Australia, landing the following day and he was posted to Western Command Recruit Reception & General Details Depot where he was discharged on 17 Jun 1946.

Post War

Arthur enlisted on 4 Mar 1947 in the Interim Army for service in Japan. On 23 Mar 1947 he was posted to the Personnel Training Centre at Greta, New South Wales, arriving there on 9 Apr 1947. On 13 Jun 1947 Arthur was charged with 'Offensive behaviour' by civil Police and appeared before the Newcastle Police Court on 17 Jun 1947. He was fined £2, in default 4 days gaol. On 28 Nov 1947 Arthur was posted to the AASC School Staff where on 9 Dec 1947 he was charged with 'An act to the prejudice of good order and military discipline' for which he was fined £2 and awarded 14 days Confined to Barracks. On 27 Jan 1948 he was posted to the Unalloted List (BCOF) and on 18 Feb 1948 he embarked aboard HMAS Kanimbla as a member of the 120th Transport Platoon in Sydney for Kure in Japan where he disembarked on 3 Mar 1948. On 16 Jul 1948 Arthur was admitted to the 130th Australian General Hospital with Tonsilitis and Gingervitis. Released on 24 Jul 1948 he rejoine the Transport Platoon.

On 20 Sep 1948 Arthur was discharged from the Interim Army to join the Regular Army's Special Reserve and was alloted his fourth Regimentla Number WP 80600.


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