107th Australian Convalescent Depot

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24 Jan 1946 Recoverees playing Quoits AWM photo 125166
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A corner of the craft room. State Library of Victoria Image H99.201/1333

Brief History

107th Australian Convalescent Depot was mobilised at Broadmeadows during December 1941. In May 1943 they moved to Victoria Park in Ballarat and operated from there for the rest of the war.

Convalescent Depot At Ballarat Closing Only the staff now occupies the 107th Convalescent Depot at Ballarat, and the men needing attention have been transferred to Heidelberg. Many thousands of Australian and American servicemen have passed through the camp since it was founded at Victoria Park early in the war. At one stage nearly 5,000 US marines were there. The Army has allotted the city council £8,000 to restore the park, and the work is now in hand.[1]

Passing through


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