10th Australian Light Horse Regiment ww2

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Trooper Keith Butcher with his horse in July 1943.

Brief History

In order to perpetuate the traditions and distinctions of the Australian Imperial Force, it was decided in July 1919 that all CMF units would be re-designated with the unit numbers of the AIF. From this date, the 25th Australian Light Horse Regiment was renamed the 10th Australian Light Horse Regiment. The regiment was called up for training in November 1939 based at Bunbury, spending a month camped just south of Woodman Point on the location of the abandoned Naval Base. They returned to Bunbury in January 1940 for another three months training before moving to Wanneroo

During the Second World War, the regiment underwent several name changes in order to show its varying roles. In January 1942 it was restructured as 10th Reconnaissance Battalion with one of the squadrons now motorised as opposed to being on horses. In 1943, it was gazetted as an Australian Imperial Force unit, after the majority of its personnel volunteered to serve overseas. This did not occur, though, and instead, its main task was the defence of south-west Australia. During this period, the regiment was also partially mechanised, although it did retain horses which were used to patrol the coastline. It was the last regiment in Australia to employ horses. It was disbanded on 14 April 1944.

Regimental Personnel


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