143rd Australian General Transport Company

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Brief History

Originally formed as the 1st Australian Armoured Division Troops Company AASC at Sangate in January 1942. They moved toTamworth in Aprl and to Greta in July 1942 In August they moved to Belford to support Armouted units training in the Narrabri area. When the Armoured untis were re-organised in October the unit was reformed as the 143rd Australian General Transport Company with a HQ element, five transport platoons, a workshop platoon and three Relief Driver Increments.

After several months at Gunnedah they moved to Morowa in Western Australia during January 1943. Thre AASC units were then concentrated at Yandanooka in March before moving to Moora in August. With the reduced troop presence in Western Australia this unit left for Bonegilla in Victoria in October 1943 and was disbanded in January 1944.

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