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WW1 1914-15 Star


The 1914-15 Star was awarded to servicemen and servicewomen who served between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915 in any "theatre of war". This included service at Gallipoli between 25 April 1915 and 31 December 1915, service in Egypt between 5 November 1914 and 31 December 1915, and service during the capture of German Samoa on 29 August 1914.

Those eligible for the medal must have "served on the establishment of a unit in a theatre of war" during the relevant dates of operations in that area.[1]


The 1914-15 Star is a crowned four-pointed star with crossed swords and a wreath of oak leaves, with the royal cypher at the foot and a central scroll inscribed 1914-15. The 1914-15 Star is identical to the 1914 Star, except for the omission of AUG and NOV, and the scroll across the centre being inscribed 1914-15.

The reverse of the 1914-15 Star is plain, except for the inscribed name and service details of the recipient. The medal is bronze and is attached to the ribbon by a ring.

Throughout the British Empire 2,078,183 1914-15 Stars were awarded. Few if any Australians were awarded the 1914 star.


Leith John Newton Angelo William Barge Ronald Adolphous Julian Batt Edward James Bell John Blake Henry Bolton
Arthur Percy Thomas Boyle Richard William Thomas Boyle James (Roy) Braidwood MM MID Henry Thomas (Harry) Brear Edward Briggs Harry Redcliffe Broadhurst
William Buck Leonard Henry (Lennie) Buckingham MM Thomas Buckingham Albert George Bullock William Edward Butcher MM RMG MID Arthur Charles Cam
Clarence Roy Champion Stanley Joseph Callow Champion Victor Norman Chandler MM Frederick Lawrence Close Henry Thomas Cockram George Sidney Cook
Claude Francis Cooper Charles Henry Davis Aubrey Cecil Dawson Frank William Dowell Victor Emanuel Durling Albert John Egan MID
John James Emery Richard Evans MM Frederick Fancote Walter Raymond Farnham Charles Maul Glover John Francis Grabham MM
Bertie Greenfield Frederick Hobbs John Hobbs Frederick George Hodges James Owen Horrocks Stephen Henry Horrocks
Charles Richard Irvine MM & Bar Albert Stephenson Jackson Henry Richard Keefe Patrick Wilford Kelly Walter David Francis Kerridge James Kershaw
Edgar Leslie Livermore Alexander Russell Main Harold V Marshall Alfred Arthur Martin Alice Maud Martin Francis Leonard Martin
George Henry Martin MM MID William Clarence Martin DCM & Bar William John Martin (1278) Leonard Roy Matthews Melbourne Hubert Randolph Matthews Sydney Clarence Owen Matthews
Samuel Vivian Mortimer Frederick Edwin Murphy Arthur Thomas Orton MM William Henry Ottey Charles Edward Parkin Frederick Thorneycroft Plant
Keith George Harman Podger Charles William Price Henry George Price Thomas Edward Raine William Rawlinson Charles Joseph Gerald Raynor
William Harold Raynor Edward James (Ted) Rouse Francis Henry Ryniker Robert Melville Salter Hector Lionel Saw Euphemia Weir Huntley Scott
Amos Roy (Roy) Smith Edward Harris (Ted) Smith Hugh Henry Smith John Harold Rupert Smith William Stephens Harold Stinton
Arthur William Symonds William George Tait John Edward Thomson Sidney Tugby John Wesley Gladstone Turner Albert Cornelius Jesse Verrier
William Archer Waller Frank Erle Waters Lawrence Hamill White MM James Murray Whiteley Aubrey Jesse Whittington MM Douglas Campbell Wills Winning
James Winning Vernon Claude Witney George Young Henry Frampton (Harry) Clarke

Post WW1 arrivals in the district


Samuel Thomas Lowth Jesse Thomas Manser [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]]


Phillip Selwyn Allen James Baillie Ernest Ball DCM Frank Ball Percival (Peter) Clement Bassett Clement Wilder Benporath
Joseph George Benton Snr Walter Bell Blair Sydney Fenner Blencowe John McLeod Brown Alfred Warburton Chapman (Snr) Alfred Warburton Chapman (Jnr)
Oswald Chorlton Francis Crowe George Chistopher Dalziell DCM Walter Edward Dalziell Edward Augustus Davis Frank Orlando Dawson
Hilton Ward Ennis MID Charles Franklyn Fuhrmann Lionel William Gibbs Percy Goodall Charles Gorringe John Richard Hall
William Joseph Hayden Walter Robert Hayes Walter Hayward Terry de Bohun Helm Thomas Hetherington Cecil Arthur Hill MM
Harry Hodgson Ernest Wright Holroyd Fritz Robert Jaentsch Basil Kelley Arthur George Kettley Elmer Winfred Drake Laing MC
Arthur Thomas Lester Beverley John Liddelow George William Liddington Ernest Edward Lockhart Thomas Herbert Ludlow Catherine Ann McGillivray
George Wales McGillivray Jesse Thomas Manser Victor Henry Marshall Reuben Douglas Naughton Edward Mordan Neale Reginald Alfred Nicholas MBE
James Anthony Parker Harry Pickard Arthur Pilgrim Hector Louis Polain Joseph Pulford William Edward Reed
Lawrence Adrian Renou DCM Henry John Robert Saint Henry Giles Schmidt George Scrivener Roland Parker Shelley Francis William Singleton
Josiah James Skinner John Donald Stalker James Thomson MM Samuel Simpson Thompson George Thomson Arnold Thorp
Hubert Harris Thorp Edward William Tink John Grant Watt MM & Bar

Charles Franklyn Fuhrmann


John Alexander Adamson Herbert Wright Aldred Gerrie Anderson Alexander Barnett Charles Barnett Herbert Lewis Battams
Frederick James Bishop Gordon Bishop William Bowman Bernard William Chatfield John James Lynes Chester John Harold Coffen
Victor Thomas Emanuel Compassi Inez Clare Cronin Alfred Cecil Clarence Curtis Edward (Ted) Harry Darby Frank William Dowell Rudolf Eberhardt
Charles Glyn Firns George Weston Firns Hobart Douglas Firns MID Osborne Fisher Cyril Foxwell Rupert Arthur Kent Goodchild
William Edward Clarence Green Frank Grundy Edward Henry Hanrahan Phillip (Harry) Harrison William Heath John Charles Hutchinson
Percy Francis Keenan Joseph Sowden Kidd MM James Kirk James Edward Laugher Herbert George Lewis Angus Lindt
William (George) Lyster Francis Leonard Martin George Henry Martin MM MID Hallidon (Ernest) McAliece Patrick O'Connell McKenna Alfred John Mitchell
Frederick William Wallace Moore Herbert Frank O'Neill William Edward Reed John Regan Alexander Rupert Richardson Hubert Lennox Richardson
Stephen Henry Robson William Edgar Rowe Francis Henry Ryniker Frederick William Scott George Scrivener Ernest Selkirk MID
Frederick Selkirk William Henry Shade Samuel Edward Tate Allan Leslie Thomas Leslie Huon Truman Harold Watts
George Wistlecraft William Charles Woodland

Post WW1 arrivals in the district


Initially this medal was not intended for those who fought at Gallipoli. Instead it had been proposed that a 'Gallipoli Star', or 'ANZAC Star' would be given to Australian and New Zealand troops. However, there was unease in Britain that men from other Commonwealth nations would not be eligible and so, despite it having been approved by King George V, it was substituted with the 1914-15 Star.[2]

In 1967 Gallipoli specific service was rewarded in Australia and New Zealand with the issue of a Gallipoli Medal (not intended to be worn) to those who were eligible, or their next of kin.


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