26th Australian Auxiliary Hospital

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26th Australian Auxiliary Hospital
26th AAH Fremantle.jpg
Main Accommodation Blocks at R.A.G.A., Cantonment Hill, Fremantle
Name 26th Australian Auxiliary Hospital
Where formed R.A.G.A. Barracks, Fremantle
Date formed January 1919
Locations R.A.G.A. Barracks, Fremantle

General Information

From January 1919 until 1920, the 26th Australian Auxiliary Hospital (26 AAH) was established at the Fremantle Artillery Barracks and specialised in the treatment of soldiers, mainly Light horsemen, who had contracted malaria on service in the Middle East. the 26th AAH was controlled by the nearby 8th Australian General Hospital.

Several newspaper articles during 1918 - 1920 relate to returned servicemen at the Royal Australian Garrison Artillery (R.A.G.A.) Barracks.

An Excess Water Bill.— A military board of inquiry is to inquire into the consumption of 475,000 gallons, of excess water at the R.A.G.A. Barracks. Fremantle, for the period November 26, 1919, to January 2, 1920, at a cost to the department of £35 12/6. The board will be composed as follows: — President, Major J. Bilton, A. and I. Staff. B.M.; members. Captain A. E. Roberts, R. A. E., Captain C Q. Taplin, O.B.E.; a/B.M. The board will report as to the necessity or otherwise for the expenditure of such a quantity of water, and if it considers that the necessity did not exist, will come to the finding as to whom the responsibility for waste lies with, and a consequent recommendation.[1]

A SLIPPERY PRISONER Perth, May 18. R. R. Powell, a returned military prisoner, who made his escape from a transport at Fremantle, some little time back, whilst on his way to South Australia, and who was re-arrested last week, is again at liberty. Since his re-arrest, Powell has been held in detention at the R.A.G.A. barracks, at Fremantle, awaiting transport to South Australia, and it was from there he made his escape last night.[2]



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