30th Australian Switchboard Operating Section

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Brief History

This unit was formed at Adelaide River in the Northern Territory in November 1943 from elements of the 2nd Company, 17th Lines of Command Signals, responsible for operating Signals offices around the northern areas of the Northern Territory. When the 3rd Company was raised to take over the Adelaide River area, the 30th Australian Switchboard Operating Section moved with the 2nd Company into Darwin in April 1944. However, in June they moved back to the Adelaide River area in June, maintaining detachments at Fountain Head and Pine Creek.

In January 1945 30th Australian Switchboard Operating Company moved to join 1st Independent Signals Group]] at Balcombe, Victoria to await their new role. In April they left Victoria to move to New Guinea, arriving at Lae, New Guinea in June. A detachment moved to Madang in July and the 30th Australian Switchboard Operating Section continued to operate in both areas until the end of the war.

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