3rd Australian Corps Troops Petrol Company

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Brief History

As part of Mobilisation plans, the Western Command Troops Petrol Company existed to support troops in WA. However, only one Section was mobilised in December 1941 to service the 13th Infantry Brigade Group, and it was transferred to the 4th Infantry Division AASC in April 1942. The now inactive unit was retitled the 3rd Australian Corps Troops Petrol Company and in January 1943 it was raised to establisahment levels and moved to Weribee in March. Here they were reorganised in April as the 37th Australian Company AASC, with a Company HQ platoon, three transport platoons and a workshop platoon. They moved to Melville in October to service units in the Perth metro area until they were disbanded in June 1944.

Unit Personnel


Content has come from The Unit Guide - Volume 5 - The Australian Army 1939-1945, page 5.048 - Graham R McKenzie-Smith - Big Sky Publishing - 2018

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