4th Division Mechanical Transport Company

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Brief History

This unit of more than 400 men was formed in France on 13 March 1918 and on 6 April they moved to Poulainville on the northern outskirts of Amiens. Six days later they moved to Vallée de la Hayette near Allonville where they remained until 4th April when they moved base to Saleux south west of Amiens. On the 21st they returned to Allonville, but as a result of German aircraft bombing Allonville they moved again at the end of the month to the west of Amiens. On August 11th they moved forward following gains made by the Australian infantry to Aubigny on the south bank of the Somme, near Villers-Bretonneux.

The unit relocated itself on 1 Sep 1918 to Proyart and then on 9 Sep 1918 to Péronne where it remained until 11 October when it had moved to Montieres near Amiens, remaining there until the end of November when they moved to Florennes. Its war over the unit spent the next year on a range of transport tasks in the Amiens - Peronne coridor. The War Diary ends in November 1919 a ta time when one of the drivers was murdered by French civilians and another wounded.

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