6th Australian Infantry Battalion (Royal Melbourne Regiment)

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13 Jul 1944 Maintenance Parade of Transport Section.

Brief History

Formed during 1921 as part of the 2nd Infantry Brigade, in December 1941 this unit was in camp at Mt Martha before being moved to cover the Victorian coast between Flinders and Somers with the entry of japan into the war. In April 1942 they moved to Western Australia, assembling at Melville before moving to a new camp ay Bellevue in May. In June they relieved the 16th Battalion at Moora and in July to Narngulu, patrolling an area south of Geraldton. In December they moved to Gingin, before moving to Chidlows in March 1943.

In August 1943 they returned to Melbourne for leave before moving to join the Southern Brigade Area, a part of the defence of Darwin. The battalion was headquartered at the 68 mile point, training and patrolling while spread out in a non tactical setting. In December 1943 hey moved to Parap, but returned to 68 mile in March 1944. In July 1944 personnel from the 6th Battalion were posted to units in the 12th and 13th Infantry Brigade Groups, bringing them up to full strength, with the remnants of the unit disbanded at Wallgrove, New South Wales in August.

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