8th Australian Casualty Clearing Station

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8th CCS 1942-43 and 108th CCS 1943-45

Brief History

Mobilised at Helena Vale in December 1941, by June they had detachments at Pinjarra an Mullewa, and in July they moved to Mullewa taking casualties from Geraldton, Mingenew and Mullewa areas. In March 1943 they were relieved at Mullewa by the 4th Casualty Clearing Station, allowing them to move back to Blackbiy Hill to service troops in the Perth area.

In April 1943 they were renamed 108th Casualty Clearing Station and sent a Light Section to Moora in May. By June they were delivering the services of a Camp Hospital at blackboy Hill as well of those of a Casualty Clearing Station. The Light Section at Moora moved to Mullewa to relieve the 104th CCS which departed to Queensland in August. In August they moved to Moora, and with their section at Mullewa covered all troops north of Perth. Rotating back to Blackboy Hill in November, some plans changed and after they absorbed staff from the disbanded 103 CCS they moved back to Moora. By January 1944 the only troops in WA were in the Perth region and so once again they moved back Blackboy Hill.

In July 1944 108 CCS left WA and assembled in Liverpool NSW, and by August the men were scattered, working with other units. In October 1944 they concentrated at Herne Bay (Riverwood) to establish a hospital facility which was then handed over to the 101st Australian General Hospital. After assisting withthe operation of the hospital, in March 1945 they moved to Narellan where they were disbanded.

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