Austin John Bevis

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Austin John Bevis
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Personal Information
Date of Birth 18 Jul 1924
Place of Birth Henly Beach, South Australia
Age at Enlistment 19 years, 1 month
Description 5'5" (1.65m) tall ; ; dark complexion ; green eyes ; dark hair
Occupation Apprentice Baker
Religion Church of England
Address Byford, Western Australia
Next of Kin Father , Mr Herbert John Bevis
Military Information
Reg Number WX22573
Date of Enlistment 31 Aug 1943
Military Movement
1st Departure from Australia
Journey Dates 6 May 1945 ‒ 16 May 1945
Transport Details USAT David C. Shanks Townsville to Morotai
Journey Dates 19 Jun 1945 ‒ 21 Jun 1945
Transport Details USS LST 560 Morotai to Labuan
Return to Australia
Journey Dates 16 Jan 1946 ‒ 2 Feb 1946
Transport Details SS Skagerak Labuan North Borneo to Sydney
Post War Details
Fate Returned to Australia

Pre War

War Service

Enlisted at Karrakatta on 31 Aug 1943 and he was transferred on 13 Sep 1943 to the 13th Australian Infantry Training Battalion at Northam. On 6 Nov 1943 Austin was charged with having been AWOL from 1:30pm on 6 Nov 1943 until 6:40am on 9 Nov 1943. Awarded 3 days Confined to Barracks, he also forfeited 3 day's pay. On 29 Dec 1943 Austin was charged with Conduct to the prejudice of good order and Military Discipline, in that on 24 Dec 1943 he was wearing Service Chevrons that he was not entitled to. For this he was fined £3 (12 days pay). He was again AWOL, this time from 11:59pm on 2 Jan 1944 until 10:00am on 6 Jan 1944. He fofeited 4 days pay and was fined £4 or 16 days pay.

On 14 Jan 1944 Austin was transferred to the 54th Australian Infantry Battalion (Lachlan - Macquarie Regiment). He was on 15 Feb 1944 charged with a Civil Offence, 'the unlawful assumption of control of a motor vehicle'. Appearing before the Perth Police Court he was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment in a civil gaol, and as a result the forfeiture of 15 day's Army pay. He returned to the battalion, which was now in Queensland, on 3 Apr 1944, but was transferred on 5 Jul 1944 to the 2/13th Australian Infantry Battalion.

On 15 Aug 1944 Austin was evacuated to the 2/1st Australian Casualty Clearing Station, and the released on 22 Aug 1944 to the 2/6th Australian General Hospital for treatment of Gonorrhea. On 2 Sep 1944 he was released to the 2/1st Australian Convalescent Depot and then on 3 Oct 1944 to the 2nd Australian Corps Reception Camp. The following day he rejoined his battalion. On 23 Apr 1945 Austin was again admitted to hospital, this time the 2/14th Australian General Hospital for treatment of dermatitis.

On 6 May 1945 Austin embarked on USAT David C. Shanks in Townsville for Morotai where he disembarked on 16 May 1945. He rejoined his battalion on 17 May 1945. On 24 May 1945 Austin was admitted to 2/5th Australian General Hospital with Scabies, and remained with them until he rejoined the battalion on 31 May 1945. On 10 Jun 1945 he was admitted to the 2/3rd Australian Casualty Clearing Station with an infected right heel, rejoining the battalion on 13 Jun 1945.

Austin embarked 19 Jun 1945 aboard USS LST 560 in Morotai for service in British North Borneo, but on 27 Oct 1945 he again required medical attention for Gonorrhea and was first treated by the 2/12th Australian Field Ambulance who passed him on to the 2/6th Australian General Hospital on 29 Oct 1945. He was transferred on 28 Nov 1945 to the 2/12th Australian Field Ambulance, and then on 21 Dec 1945 to the 2/1st Australian Casualty Clearing Station. Finally on 16 Jan 1946 he was medically evacuated from Labuan, North Borneo on SS Skagerak for Brisbane. However, he disembarked in Sydney on 2 Feb 1946 and was admitted to the 120th Australian Special Hospital.

On 19 Feb 1946 Austin was charged with 'Neglect to the prejudice of Good Order and Military Discipline for which he was fined £1. The following day he was charged in the Sydney Central Police Court with having used indecent language and was fined £2. Austin, on his return to Western Australia was posted to the Marrinup Prisoner of War Camp (Camp No 16) on 25 Mar 1946. He was, on 19 Apr 1946, charged with having failed to appear for Guard Duty at 5:15pm on 18 Apr 1946. His fine this time was £1. On 15 May 1946 he was posted to the Western Command Recruit Reception & General Details Depot Discharge Section. Finally he was discharged on 8 Jul 1946.

Post War


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