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Durrington camp.jpg
Durrington camp marked on map
Larkhill camp 2.jpg
Durrington between Larkhill & Bulford


During 1916 this camp would have hosted elements of the Australian 3rd Division which was working up in southern England after their troops were given only rudimentary training in Australia before being transported to England.

In January 1917 these troops had moved to France and on 30 Jul 1917 the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Training Battalions that had been raised on 8 Aug 1916 at Perham Downs established themselves in the camp. The unit's previous designations were: 1st Division Reinforcements; then the A Training Group; before becoming the 1st Training Group when it moved to Durrington camp. They continued to use this camp until 10 Oct 1917 when they relocated to Sutton Veny.

The 3rd Training Group's 9th 10th and 11th Training Battalions had also been relocated to Durrington camp on 30 Jul 1917. It had previously been designated as the 3rd Division Reinforcements, formed in Hamilton on 31 Aug 1916, later renamed the E Training Group, and as from 9 Dec 1916 the 3rd Training Group. The 3rd Training Group relocated to the Fovant camp on 12 Oct 1917.

Soldiers who passed this way

Some of these soldiers individual records list Larkhill as their training location. This wiki uses the location of their unit to determine their location.




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