Gosnells Primary School Honour Roll

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Monument Details
Name Gosnells Honour Roll
Location Gosnells Primary School
Dedication Date June 1916


In June 1916, a Gosnells Honour Roll, along with a bust of British military leader Lord Kitchener, was presented to the Gosnells Primary School. The presentation was attended by Mrs Nairn, wife of William Nairn MLA, the district Member of Parliament. At that time, the roll contained only 17 names of those who enlisted for World War I. This was later increased to 32 to accommodate the individuals who enlisted later.

Not all of those listed had attended the Gosnells Primary School but they all had a connection to the local area. Many men listed were born in the United Kingdom and immigrated to Australia. Most of the men embarked for war in 1916 and the most common profession listed on their papers was labourer. The majority survived the war and returned to Australia; the last and oldest dying in 1980.

Today, the Honour Roll is a key component of Gosnells Primary School’s annual Anzac Day service



Monument Details

Not in strict alpha order. The names are in the order that they appear on the Honour Roll