HMAS Koompartoo

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HMAS Koompartoo
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Prior to conversion fro RAN use
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Name HMAS Kppmpartoo
Owner Sydney Ferries Limited / RAN
Builder Walsh Island Dockyard and Engineering Works, Newcastle, Aus
Yard number 53
Launched 15 Dec 1921
Completed April 1922
In service May 1922
Out of service 8 Jun 1962
Fate unknown
General characteristics
Type Ferry / Boom Gate Vessel
Tonnage 448 tons
Length 191 ft (58m)
Beam 38 ft 3 in (11.7m)
Depth 10 ft 9 in
Propulsion screws fore and aft
Speed 12.5 knots
Capacity 2,089 passengers when operated as a Ferry


A Sydney Ferry (dounle ended) constructed for the level of traffic experienced prior to the building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sais to be the equal largest ferry ever to have operated on the harbour see commenced service in 1922. Once the bridge was completed in 1932 she was redundant, and was laid up, with occasional use for events and tourist tours of the harbour. Between 1935 and 1941 she served as a concert boat.

Commissioned service as a boom defence vessel with the RAN began on 23 Dec 1942, having been aquired on 18 June. She was taken to Darwin in January 1943, remaining ther euntil the end of the war. Held in reserve at Darwin until 1950, she returned to Sydney to be laid up at Athol Bight. In April 1962, she was identified for disposal and sold on 8 June 1962. Stripped of her superstructure and towed to Launceston in 1966 for use as a bauxite barge. Her final fate is unclear, however, it is thought she may have sunk in Port Latta and then been removed.

Armament Guns 2 x 20mm Oerlikons 4 x .303 inch Vickers MG

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