HMAT A10 Karoo

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HMAT A10 Karroo 1.jpg
Name HMAT A10 Karroo
Builder/Built 1913 Palmer's Ship Building & Iron Co Ltd
Type Cargo/Passenger, single screw
Displacement 6,127 tons
Speed 12 knots


Owned by Ellerman and Bucknall Steam Ship Company Ltd, of London. Leased by the Commonwealth until 3 Jan 1917 when she was taken over by the Admiralty.

Renamed Khartoum in 1927 and sold to Stephens, Sutton Ltd, Newcastle in 1936. Purchased under the UK Scrap & Rebuild scheme, she was broken up in Genoa during 1936.

Ellerman Lines was a cargo and passenger shipping company that operated from the late nineteenth century and into the twentieth century. It continued to expand with the acquisition of smaller shipping lines until it became one of the largest shipping firms in the world. Setbacks occurred through heavy losses to their merchant fleet during the First and Second World Wars but were overcome in each case.

The company suffered from competition and modernising trends in the shipping industry that occurred during the second half of the twentieth century. Its shipping assets were subsequently sold off to larger companies until the name was dropped in 2004.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to Mudros to Gallipoli 9 - 25 April 1915

Mudros to Alexandria 16 - 20 Dec 1915

Other Voyages

  • Melbourne to Alexandria, Egypt via Albany - 1st Convoy
  • Sydney to ? 5 May 1916
  • Melbourne to ? 18 Sep 1916