HMAT A13 Katuna

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HMAT A13 Katuna
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HMAT A13 Katuna

Builder/Built 1907 Armstrong Whitworth, Low Walker on Tyne
Type SS Troopship
Displacement 4,641 tons
Speed 11 knots


Owned by Ellerman and Bucknall SS Coy Ltd, London. Commonwealth control ended 10 Feb 1917 when she was returned to her owners.

In 1929 was owned by Ellerman Lines and renamed City of Swansea. Renamed again in 1937 to St Glen. During WW2 it was bombed and sank on 6 Sep 1940.

One of the ships that made up the 1st Convoy from Albany to Alexandria. On that occasion it carried the 1st Division Ammunition Column, and 1st Division Artillery.Made at least 5 other trips to Egypt or England: 3 Feb 1915 from Melbourne with the 4th Light Horse Regiment reinforcements and Medical staff; 14 Nov 1915 from Adelaide with the 32nd Battalion; 9 Mar 1916 from Melbourne with more reinforcements for the 4th LHR and Medical staff along with the 1st Armoured Car Section; 23 Jun 1916 with the 3rd Light Horse Regiment and reinforcements for other Light Horse units; 23 Nov 1916 from Sydney with Light Horse reinforcements.

Soldiers carried

Adelaide to Port Suez 24 November - 18 December 1915