HMAT A20 Hororata

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Preparing to leave Port Melbourne 17 Apr 1915

HMAT A20 Hororata

Type SS Troopship
Displacement 9,461 tons
Speed 15.7 knots


Owned by the New Zealand Shipping Co Ltd, London and leased by the Commonwealth until 11 Sep 1917. Originally fitted out to serve the New Zealand emigrant trade, with 5 First Class berths and 1066 Steerage Class.

Completed six voyages from Australia, the first being from Melbourne with the 6th and 7th Battalion HQs on 18 Oct 1914, and she was a member of the 1st Convoy that left from Albany. From 12 Sep 1917 until 12 Apr 1919 she was under the control of the British Admiralty, having been taken up as part of the Liner Requisition Scheme, continuing to carry troops.

Laid up from August 1930 until Feb 1933. The Hororata then served as a Cadet Training Ship from 1934 to 1939. Sold to the British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd in London, it was renamed Waroonga before being again requisitioned on 7 Mar 1940 for service with the Liner Requisition Scheme. On 5 Apr 1943 while part of a convoy from New York to London it was torpedoed by a U Boat, sinking the next day.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Port Tawfik (Suez) 18 Feb 1915 - ??

Fremantle to Port Tawfik (Suez) 26 April 1915 - 18 May 1915 ??

Fremantle to Port Tawfik (Suez) 4 - 27 October 1915

Alexandria to Marseilles 17 - 22 June 1916

England to Fremantle 16 April - 30 May 1920