HMAT A32 Themistocles

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HMAT A32 Themistocles
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Name HMAT A32 Themistocles
Builder/Built 1910 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Type Ocean Liner
Displacement 11,231 tons
Speed 15 knots


Original owner was the Aberdeen Line, later sold to the Shaw, Saville & Albion Line for routes to Melbourne, Australia via Cape Town. She could carry 250 third class passengers, and 100 in first class. The trip to Melbourne took 40 days.

Served during WW1 as a troopship under the control of the Commonwealth until 20 Oct 1917 before being transferred to the British Admiralty. While controlled by the Transport Branch of the Australian Navy she undertook 7 journeys with troops from Australia to either Egypt or England.

During WW2 the Themistocles was used on trans Atlantic convoys. Between the wars and after WW2 she returned to servicing the Australian route making a total of 79 voyages to Australia during her lifetime. She was laid up at the end of June 1947, and scraped on 24 Aug 1947 at Dalmuir.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Alexandria 2 January 1915 - 1 February 1915

Some troops joined ship much earlier than the day she sailed.

Fremantle to Port Suez 9 June - 30 June 1915

Alexandria to Fremantle 13 August - 10 September 1915

Fremantle to Port Suez 13 October 1915 - ?? November 1915

Alexandria to Lemnos Island 15 - 18 November 1915

Alexandria to Marseilles France 15 March - 21 March 1916

Portsmouth to Fremantle 4 May - 24 Jun 1917

Portsmouth to Fremantle 5 November - 23 December 1917