HMAT A45 Bulla

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HMAT A45 Bulla.jpg
Name HMAT A45 Bulla
Builder/Built 1905 Tecklenborg at Geestemunde
Type Steamship (Single screw)
Displacement 5,099 tons
Speed 12 knots


Originally built for Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen, and named 'SS Hessen'. When she sailed into Melbourne on 3 Sep 1914, unaware that war had broken out, where she was seized by the Commonwealth who renamed her Bulla. Manned by Australian officers and crew she was transferred on 15 Apr 1918 to the Commonwealth Government Line who in 1926 sold her to Schuchmann Wilhelm of Hamburg. Renamed Weissesee, she was sunk during an air raid at Hamburg on 25 Jul 1943. Raised in 1949 she was then broken up.

During WW1 she completed three journeys with medical staff to Europe, one other voyae as a troop ship, and one as a cargo ship without passengers.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Port Suez 12 February - 11 March 1917