HMAT A46 Clan McGillivray

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State Library of Victoria gr006195

HMAT A46 Clan McGillivray

Builder/Built 1911
Displacement 5,023 tons
Speed 14 knots


Owned by the Cayser, Irvin and Co of Glasgow (Clan Line). Between 29 Dec 1914 and 23 Jan 1915 she was converted at Cockatoo Island Drydock for troop transportation. The Clan McGillivray completed four journeys as a troopship while leased to the Commonwealth with two of the voyages as a troop ship beginning in Brisbane. On 16 Aug 1917 management of her work was transferred to the British Admiralty.

Sold in 1948 to Hong Kong interests, and renamed Maclock.

Soldiers carried

Melbourne to Port Suez 22 February - ? March 1915

Brisbane to Port Suez 1 May - ? June 1916

Port Suez to Fremantle 10 July - 6 August 1916

Fremantle to Port Suez 18 September - 2 November 1916