HMAT A47 Mashobra

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HMAT A47 Mashobra AWM P10509.023.001.jpg
Name HMAT A47 Mashobra
Builder/Built 1914 Barclay, Curle & Co Ltd, Glasgow
Type Passenger / cargo ship
Displacement 8,174 tons
Speed 12.5 knots


Owned by the British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd, London, she carried 66 first class passengers, 40 second class. leased by the Commonwealth until 21 Dec 1916. She completed four voyages from Australia before her management was turned over to the British Admiralty.

Torpedoed and sunk after catching fire in the Mediterranean Sea by Austrian submarine U29 south west of Cape Matapan on 15 Apr 1917. Eight lives were lost when the torpedo exploded in the engine room. After the crew abandoned the ship, the submarine pumped 70 shells into her from their deck gun. The Captain was taken prisoner, while the rest of the crew were rescued by trawlers and taken to Malta the next day.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Alexandria 8 February - 9 March 1915

Bombay to Port Suez 18 March - 4 April 1917