HMAT A48 Seang Bee

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HMAT A48 Seang Bee 2.jpg
Postcard published during WW1, photographer unknown
Name HMAT A48 Seang Bee
Builder/Built 1891 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Type passenger / cargo (twin screws)
Displacement 5,849 tons
Speed 13 knots


Originally built for the Bibby Line, in 1914 it was owned by Lim Chin Tsong of Rangoon, and was leased by the Commonwealth until 12 May 1917 when her management was taken over by the British Admiralty. She made four trips to the UK from Australian ports as a troopship. Previously known as the Shropshire.

Soldiers carried

Sydney to Alexandria 2 December 1914 - 11 February 1915

Alexandria to Lemnos Island 12 - 15 April 1915

Fremantle to Plymouth 19 July - 9 September 1916