HMAT A52 Surada

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HMAT A52 Surada.jpg
Name HMAT A52 Surada
Builder/Built 1902 A & J Inglis Pointhouse, Glasgow
Type Passenger / cargo steamship (single screw)
Displacement 5,236 tons
Speed 11.5 knots


Built for the British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd, London to cary 9 first class, 16 second class, amd 1421 passengers in steerage. Leased by the Commonwealth, she made three trips from Australia carrying troops, one in 1915, and two in 1916. Her management was then taken over by the British Admiralty on 4 Jan 1917,

On 2 Nov 1918 she was torpedoed by UC74 off Port Said. She was the last merchant ship lost during WW1.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Port Suez 17 February - 21 March 1915

Fremantle to Port Suez 16 May - 16 June 1916

Fremantle to Plymouth 22 September - 20 November 1916