HMAT A64 Demosthenes

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HMAT A64 Demosthenes.jpg
Name HMAT A64 Demosthenes
Builder/Built 1911 Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Type passenger liner
Displacement 11,223 tons
Speed 15 knots


Built for the Aberdeen Line. In peacetime she was used by the Aberdeen Line on the UK to Australia route. Leased by the Commonwealth and made five trips as a troop ship, the last one under the control of the Admiralty who took her over on 16 Mar 1917.

In 1923 its owners were G. Thompson & Co of London. In 1928 the ship was managed by the Oceanic Line and carried passengers between the UK and Brisbane. It was scrapped in 1931.

Soldiers carried

Fremantle to Egypt 22 Jul 1915 - ? August 1915

England to Fremantle 27 July - 18 September 1917

England to Albany 16 January - 22 February 1919