HMAT A70 Ballarat

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Company of Master Mariners of Australia from postcard
Name HMAT A70 Ballarat
Builder/Built 1911 Caird & Company, Scotland
Type Passenger / cargo
Displacement 11,120 tons
Speed 14 knots


Owned by Pacific & Orient Steam Navigation Co Ltd, London and used pre-war to transports emigrant to Australia from the UK. Ballarat initially served as an Indian transport vessel before becoming a troopship, carrying Australian troops. Made four voyages from Australia. At 2:00pm on 25 Apr 1917, in the English Channel as an Anzac Day service was being held, when she was torpedoed by U-boat UB-32 sinking the next day. This was the 13th voyage undertaken by the Ballarat.

Aboard were 1752 men, mostly (1,602) new reinforcements arriving from Australia. None were lost, with all transferred to other ships within an hour. However, the ship sank 15 kilometers south of Lizard Point, Cornwall, just as efforts were being made to tow her into shallow water. She was also carrying copper and bullion.

Medical staff

Soldiers carried

Port Suez to Melbourne 5 July - 6 August 1915

Adelaide to Plymouth 14 September 1915 - ???

Gibraltar to England 23 - 25 October 1915

Melbourne to Port Suez 18 Feb - 22 March 1916

Melbourne to Plymouth (sunk near England) 19 February - 25 Apr 1917