HMHS Caesarea

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HMHS Caesarea.jpg
Caesarea pre WW1
Name HMHS Caesarea
Builder/Built 1910 Cammell Laird, Birkenhead
Type Passenger ferry (triple screw)
Displacement 1,504 tons
Speed 20 knots


Built for the London and SOuth West Railway Company and emplyed on the Southamptin - Channel Islands route. She saw servis in both major world wars, in 1914, she was requisitioned and served throughout the World War I under her original name, Caesarea. Capable of carryng 1,470 passengers and sailed with a crew of 51 in peace time.\From 1923 - 1941 she was owned by theIsle of Man Steam Packet Company and was known as Manx Maid.

In World War II she was requisitioned in August 1939, and served as an ABV, an Armed Boarding Vessel. Towards the end of WW2 she was renamed HMS Bruce and used by the Royal Navy. Paid off in March 1945 sghe returned to Isle of Man ownership and continued to act as a ferry until 1950 when she was broken up.

Soldiers carried

Rouen to England 27 April 1917