HMHS Formosa

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Name HMHS Formosa
Builder/Built 1906 London & Glasgow Co of Newcastle
Type passenger ship (twin screw)
Displacement 4,508 tons
Speed 16 knots


The French liner "Formosa" was built for Societe General de Transports Maritimes, Marseilles to carry 57 first class passengers, 70 second class, and 44 third class for the South America service.

Commissioned as a Hospital Ship on 23rd June, 1915 with accommodation for 417 patients, and by August 1915 was operating between Mudros and Egypt. She served until 7th July 1919, after which she was returned to Société Général de Transports Maritimes and resumed her commercial career.

Medical staff numbered 63, including 10 Medical officers and 13 Nurses, some of whom were Australian. She could cater for 15 Officer patients, 112 in cots and 290 in berths.

On 25 Oct 1927 the Formosa went to the assistance of the Italian liner Princepessa Mafada which sank with the loss of 314 lives off the coast of Brazil.

Soldiers carried

HMHS Formosa had made at least one earlier trip, perhaps from Mudros (but as it had British casualties on board, it may have been direct from the Cape Helles landing) to Egypt in August 1915.

Mudross to Port Said 14 September to 16 September 1915

Mudross to Port Said 19 - 21 Sep 1915

Le Havre to England 23 November 1916

Le Havre to England 11 December 1916

Le Havre to England 6 January 1917

Le Havre to England 1 March 1917

Le Havre to England 3 March 1917