HMHS Marama

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Name HMHS Marama
Builder/Built 1907 Caird & Co, Greenock
Type Passenger / cargo ship
Displacement 6,437 tons
Speed 17 knots


Owned by the Union Company of New Zealand, she was initially built for the Trans Tasman service, but she was transferred to the Vancouver and San Francisco mail routes, before due to the “Great War” she was converted to become a hospital ship in 1915.

SS Marama was able to accommodate a total of 488 passengers being made up of; 270 Saloon Class, 120 Second Class and 98 fore cabin passengers.

Medical Staff strength was 12 Medical Officers, 24 Nurses and 62 Others. She was equipped to look after 21 injured Officers, 72 cots and 507 in berths.

After war service she was refitted (1920) for the trans-Pacific services to San Francisco or Vancouver. In 1925 she was converted to burn oil, and employed on the Tasman run. She was sold to Shanghai shipbreakers in 1937, then resold to Kobe shipbreakers and was broken up at their Osaka shipyard in 1938.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to England 10 -15 May 1915

Le Havre to Southampton 29 July 1916

Southampton to Fremantle 31 August - 10 October 1916

England to Fremantle 21 December 1918 - 24 January 1919