HMHS Nevasa

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HMHS Nevasa.jpg
Name HMHS Nevasa
Builder/Built 1912 Barclay, Curle & Co, Glasgow
Type Passenger / cargo (twin screw)
Displacement 9,071 tons
Speed 14 knots


Built for British India Steam Navigation Co, for the UK - India route via Cape Town.

Taken over in Aug 1914 and used as a troopship until Jan 1915 when she was fitted out as a 660 bed Hospital Ship.

In 1918 role changed to be troopship again for US troops moving to Europe, and then repatriating troops to their home countries.

Used by the British between the wars as a troopship, and continued right through WW2 until 1948 when she was scrapped.

Soldiers carried

Anzac Cove 15 July 1915

Gallipoli to Alexandria 7 - 10 November 1915

England to Fremantle 4 - 21 January 1919

England to Fremantle 5 March - 13 April 1919