HMT Aragon

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Name HMT Aragon
Builder/Built 1905 Harland and Wolf Belfast.
Type Mails ship / passengers (twin screw)
Displacement 9,588 tons
Speed 16 knots


Built as a transatlantic mail ship for the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. During WW1 it acted as a fast troop ship, primarily in the Mediterranean, including participation in the British landing at Cape Helles during the Gallipoli campaign.

Her duties also included evacuating nearly 1,500 wounded personnel to Alexandria and Malta.

on 30 Dec 1917 just outside Alexandria Harbour, the Aragon was torpedoed by U Boat UC-34, which also torpedoed the ship which had picked up most of her survivors. In all 610 of the 2,700 troops aboard her were lost.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to England 11 - 15 June 1916

Alexandria to Marseilles 27 September - 3 October 1917