HMT Cardiganshire

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HMT Cardiganshire.jpg
Name HMT Cardiganshire
Builder/Built 1913 Workman, Clark & Co, Belfast
Type cargo / passenger ship
Displacement 9,426 tons
Speed 14 knots


Owned by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, allocated tot eh Shire Line and used for the Far East run. In September 1914 used to ferry troops from England to France, and taken over by the Admiralty in February 1915 for a voyage to Zeebruge with troops and war supplies.

As the ship approached Zeebruge the Belgian pilot ordered full speed ahead and steered her into the mole causing damage to the bow. The pilot was subsequently arrested, investigated and shot for sabotage. In April of 1915 she participated in the Dardanelles campaign. On 14th January 1917, a submarine in the Mediterranean chased her, but she escaped.

In May of 1929 she was sold to Christian Salvesen's South Georgia Co. and converted into a whale factory ship with a stern ramp and the name SS Salvestria.

On 27th July 1940 while approaching Rosyth she activated an acoustic mine and sank 5 kms off Inchkeith Light in the Firth of Forth. There were 5 men killed during the sinking.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to Gallipoli 8 - 10 Jun 1915