HMT Durham Castle

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HMT Durham Castle.jpg
Name HMT Durham Castle
Builder/Built 1904 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co, Govan
Type passenger / cargo ship (twin screw)
Displacement 8,217 tons


Built for the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company, she continued in commercial service during WW1, with occasional troop carrying roles.

In June 1918 while sailing up the English Channel in a convoy, the HMS Kent cut across her bow forcing her to take avoiding action. Sadly in doing so she collided with HMS Rival and suffered severe damage and several casualties.

Between the wars she continued with services to East Africa via the Suez canal, before in 1939 being taken over by the Admiralty and used as a store ship.

In January 1940 under tow to Scarpa Flow where she was to be a base accommodation ship, she hit a mine off Comarty and sank.

Medical Staff

England to Fremantle 10 Mar 1918 - ?

Soldiers carried

England to Fremantle 10 Mar 1918 - ?

England to Adelaide 22 May - 16 July 1919