HMT Huntsgreen

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HMT Huntsgreen
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Name HMT Huntsgreen
Owner North German Lloyd, Bremen
Builder F Schichau, Danzig
Yard number 801
Launched 9 Nov 1907
Completed 1908
In service 9 May 1908
General characteristics
Type passenger / cargo
Tonnage 9,600 tons
Length 463 ft (141.12m)
Beam 57 ft 7 in (17.55m)
Propulsion twin screw
Speed 14 knots (25.93m)
Capacity 104 x 1st; 104 x 2nd; & 1,919 3rd class passengers


Laid down as the Hohenlohe she was launched as the Derfflinger, see HMT Derfflinger and built for Norddeutscher Lloyd of Bremen with capacity of 104 first class, 104 second class and 1,919 3rd class passengers. After an initial voyage to New York, she was used on the Germany to Far East via Suez Canal route.

Captured by the British at Port Said in August 1914 and used as a troopship. Later renamed HMT Huntsgreen. She carried wounded from Gallipoli to Alexandria, and troops back to Gallipoli. Continued to operated until 1923 as a troopship, before being sold back to her previous owners, and given her original name back before eventually being scrapped in 1932 at Bremerhaven.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to Gallipoli 22 - ? August 1915

Gallipoli to Alexandria 26 - 28 Dec 1915