HMT Kinfauns Castle

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HMT Kinfauns Castle.jpg
Name HMT Kinfauns Castle
Builder/Built 1899 Fairfield Glasgow
Type Passenger Liner
Displacement 9,664 tons


Built for the Castle Line and transferred to the Union-Castle Line in 1900. Used during the 1899 - 1902 Boer War as a troop ship.

She sailed the UK - South Africa route until WW1 when she was converted to an Armed Merchant Cruiser, and used as such until Sep 1915. During this period she had sailed down the coast of Africa and up to India. On her return to England she was converted to carry troops. Used as a troop ship until July 1918.

Returned to her owners at the conclusion of the war, she was scrapped in 1927.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to Marseilles 2 - 8 June 1916

Alexandria to Marseilles 23 - 29 June 1916