HMT Lake Manitoba

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HMT Lake Manitoba.jpg
Name HMT Lake Manitoba
Builder/Built 1901 C.S. Swan & Hunter, Wallsent-on-Tyne
Type passenger / cargo ship
Displacement 9,674 tons
Speed not known


Original owners were the Beaver Line. First used to carry troops in September 1902 when she was used to carry troops returning from the Boer War. In May 1903 the line was taken over by Canadian Pacific. Gutted by fire, and scuttled at Montreal on 26 Aug 1918, she was refloated and used as a cargo ship. Sold to the Bishop Navigation Co, who renamed her "Iver Heath", before she was scrapped in 1924.

In 1916 was used to transfer the 1st Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders from France to Mesopotamia.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to England 1 - 7 August 1916