HMT Norman

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HMT Norman
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Name HMT Norman
Owner Union Steamsip Co.
Builder Harland & Wolff at Belfast
Launched 19 Jul 1894
Completed 13 Oct 1894
In service 1894
Out of service 1910
In service 1914
Out of service 1925
Fate scrapped in 1925
General characteristics
Type Royal Mail Ship
Tonnage 7,392 tons
Length 507 ft
Beam 53 ft 2 in
Propulsion twin screw
Speed 17.5 knots (32.41 km/h)
Capacity 135 x 1st class; 101 x 2nd; and 608 others


Built to British Admiralty Troopship specifications, in 1895, she grounded near Port Shepstone with slight damage, and the master was stripped of his command. Requisitioned for use as a troopship in November 1899 during the 2nd Boer War, she was transferred to the Union Castle Line in 1900 while still a troop ship. Refurbished in 1904 she then served as a mail ship until she was laid up in 1910 at Netley.

Requisitioned at the outbreak of war in 1914 as a troopship, she was used in 1914 to transport troops to France, and again in 1918 in the Mediterranean. In 1919 she made one voyage to Australia, before again reverting to the mail run. In 1923 she was placed on the round Africa run, out via the Suez canal and home via the Cape of Good Hope. She was laid up in the River Blackwater at Tollesbury in 1925 and broken up in 1926.

Soldiers carried

Acted as Hospital Ship at Gallipoli Apr - May 1915

England to Brisbane 4 July - 20 August 1919