HMT Transylvania

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HMT Transylvania
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Name HMT Transylvania
Owner Cunard Steam-Ship Co., Liverpool
Builder Scotts' Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Greenock
Yard number 451
Launched 23 May 1914
Completed 19 Oct 1914
In service 1914
Out of service 4 May 1917
Fate sunk by torpedo
General characteristics
Type Passenger liner
Tonnage 14,348 tons
Length 548.3 ft (167.1 m)
Beam 66.6 ft (20.3 m)
Depth 42 ft (13 m)
Propulsion twin screw
Speed 17.5 knots (32.41 km/h)
Capacity 1,379 passengers or 3060 troops.


Built for a Cunard subsidiary, the Anchor Line. She could carry 1,379 passengers in her original configuration, and 3,060 troops when fitted out as a troopship. Requisitioned by the UK government on 19 May 1915 and used to move troops around the Mediterranean. On 4 May 1917 while sailing from Marseille to Alexandria, 2,860 British soldiers, 200 officers and 60 Red Cross nurses were on board the Transylvania when she was torpedoed 2.5 miles (4 km) south of Cape Vado in the Gulf of Genoa, Italy by the German U-Boat U-63. This was despite an escort from two Japanese destroyers. While one of the escorts was taking on board troops from the Transylvania, another torpedo was fired and although the destroyer was able to avoid it, the Transylvania was dead in the water and it sank immediately. Ten crew members, 29 army officers, and 375 soldiers lost their lives.

Soldiers carried

Alexandria to Marseilles 29 March -4 April 1916

Alexandria to England 1 - 9 June 1916

Alexandria to Marseilles 18 - 23 June 1916