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Brief History

4th Supply Personnel Company had personnel manning supply depots in Queensland and a section in the Norther Territory rom mid-1940. Mobilised in December 1941 at Enoggera, they had eight sections, one in Port Moresby and one at Selheim in Queensland. In August 1942 they had expanded to 8 sections, and by February 1943 sections in 22 locations other than with their head quarters. In May 1943 the AASC units were re-organised, and it became the 32nd Supply Depot Company with provision to split into two smaller Supply Depot Platoons.

In January 1944 the Supply Depot Platoons were formed, with the 210th at Enoggera, 211th at Maryborough (with detachments at Kingaroy and Bundaberg), 212th at South Brisbane, 213th at Enoggera (with detachments at South Brisbane, Ascot, and Rockhampton). The 214th Supply Depot Platoon formed at Ascot, the 215th at Redbank, 216th at Southport (with detachments at Cowan and Beenleigh), 217th at Tenterfield NSW (detachments at Wallangarra and Casino) and the 218th at Warwick (with a detachment at Beaudesert). The 219th formed at Toowoomba (with a detachment at Charleville), the 220th at Caboolture (with detachments at Caloundra and Kilcoy) and the 221st at Enoggera. The 103rd Supply Depot Platoon joined them in early 1943.

32nd Supply Depot Company continued to service units in south Queensland until the end of the war, and in August 1945 Company HQ, 103rd, 210th, 214th 215th and 221st Supply Depot Platoons were at Enoggera; the 211th Platoon was at Maryborough, 212th at South Brisbane, 213th at Strathpine, and the 220th at Caboolture.

Unit Personnel

211th Supply Depot Platoon

214th Supply Depot Platoon

215th Supply Depot Platoon


Content has come from The Unit Guide - Volume 5 - The Australian Army 1939-1945, pages 5.096, 5.159 - Graham R McKenzie-Smith - Big Sky Publishing - 2018

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