HQ Western Command Training Depots

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Brief History

In December 1941, following general mobilisation, the HQ Northam Camp became HQ Western Command Training Depots comprising 13th Infantry Training Battalion' and Recruit Training Battalion AIF. Training units such as 10th Light Horse Training Squadron, and 25th Motor Training Squadron were joined by RAA, RAE, AAMC, AASC, AAOC, AEME and Signals training units began to gather in Northam. In May 1942 the unit was renamed HQ WA Line of Command Training Depots.

From mid 1942 many Corps training units were centralised at eastern stated Army Bases, but WA due to its isolation maintained training camps for most corps. From October 1943 recruit training was centralised at Cowra in NSW, and so the 5th Infantry Training Battalion moved there. By this time most of the Corps detachments had also left, reflecting the decrease in troops in Western Australia. In June 1943 the 36th Infantry Training Battalion had ben disbanded, and the 13th Infantry Training Battalion had been reduced to Company status.

By June 1944 the remaining training units (15th and 35th Infantry Training Companies) relocated to Harvey, and the HQ Western Reinforcement Training Centre and the 3rd Infantry Special Group moved to Melville where they were disbanded in July 1944.

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Content has come from The Unit Guide - Volume 6 - The Australian Army 1939-1945, pages 6.227 & 6.228 - Graham R McKenzie-Smith - Big Sky Publishing - 2018

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