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Awarded to those who fought in the Italian Campaign between 1943 and 1945, including a local who escaped from his POW camp and fought with the Italian underground irregulars. It also covered those who fought in Greece between 11 Jun 1943 and 8 May 1945 after the Germans had taken control fo Greece.


Obverse The obverse has a central design of the Royal Cypher "GRI VI", surmounted by a crown. A circlet, the top of which is covered by the crown, surrounds the cypher and is inscribed "THE ITALY STAR".

Reverse The reverse is plain. However, Australia is one of three countries that inscribes the name of the holder on the reverse, giving force number, initials and surname in block capitals.

Ribbon The ribbon is 32 millimetres wide, with a 7 millimetres wide red band and a 6 millimetres wide white band, repeated in reverse order and separated by a 6 millimetres wide green band. The colours are those of the Flag of Italy



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